In plain sight.

The darkest path truths in the Info War will come back around. Always do.

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Creepy…maybe this is partly an explanation for the one question I can never figure out: How can these people (deep state crazies) sleep at night knowing they are destroying the country that their kids and grandkids will inherit?

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I wonder this too, but I figure our captors believe they are creating a new, elite world that they and the generations after them will enjoy.

Look at the fortress Zuckerberg is building in Hawaii. When the world goes bad for a time as they root us out of existence, he’ll be in beautiful Hawaii with his children, safe behind steel walls, looking out at the ocean with a glass of expensive wine in hand. He’ll sleep well. I promise you.

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Bono has a fortress under his Ireland mansion for when the bombs go off. They will wait it out ("Blast From The Past" style)

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For these "deep state crazies" as you phrase it, there are bigger fish to fry than a silly country and its Constitution

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This is an excellent article, these people are sick. Not only do you begin to document and expose the reality of the existence of Adrenochrome but you also peal back the curtain on the rot within the field of psychiatry.

I have never had a favorable opinion regarding the field of psychiatry and the experimentation that has been documented on "patients" is very, very disturbing. Patients could be treated as nothing more than lab rats. The societal stigma against people with mental health marks them as second class citizens and gives monsters like these cover to abuse in any way they wish and that protects them from punishment. The state of mental health in this country is nothing short of barbaric, just look at our homeless population. Having had family, friends and neighbors who had mental health issues I have seen first hand the horrors this industry is capable of conducting. Now after years of going through the Awakening process I look back at what I have witnessed very differently. I would say that there is a very intentional sinister (and even evil) component to this field. Oh and BTW much of the base cause is rooted in war.

I look forward to future articles.

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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Exactly! I don’t think it’s random!

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Thank you for this comment. Having been a victim of and now working in mental health, I see a very purposeful movement to weaken, dissociate, break, and confuse all of us “useless eaters” with the end result being utter vulnerability and gullibility to whatever they want to distract us with.

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The first thing that comes to mind after reading your article is these days we seem to be living among those with a notable enormous loss of empathy. Is this by design? Is this drug being slipped into our food, water? People seem to be so disconnected and uncaring. Can this drug be used in conjunction with MK Ultra? What about the recent gun shootings? Are these shooters on a drug which promotes killing, noting the interest in morbidity you described? The irritability with people and lack of empathy can create a killing army. Oh the questions I have on this subject. What about the downward effects coming off this drug, I didn’t see that mentioned, also I’m curious about the addictive tendencies? Haven’t we described the elite as soulless evil people, could this drug be the cause?

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That could certainly be the logical conclusion. This entire timeframe has revealed how much evil there is when we live without acknowledging our God! The evil ones’s time is limited. 🙏🙏

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Wow, wow, wow! I'm a research/information junkie and this explains so much. As you read the results of this experiment, you understand how these people can do what they do to acquire adrenochrome, and understanding dawns that only Satan can orchestrate such evil. It all clicks as to why this is happening and how, but it's heinous and needs to stop! And these freaks must be eradicated from the earth!!! Excellent piece!👍

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My articles may help you see relevance in other aspects of their experimental work.

We breathe air not oxygen might help you connect the fishes - mammalian lungs are rehydrating the RBCs with saline water. Just as fish, fresh and salt water adjust their salinity to exist in water. Mammalian lungs are maintaining blood volume doing a similar thing.

The saline drip rehydrates the RBCs are they pass through its fluid. The red light monitoring is checking hydration not oxygenation. Hydration equals salt plus water.

I logically dismiss the gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide as a fraud.

We exist in the realm of water.

Air is the gaseous form of water

Water the liquid form

Air is bubbles

Water is full bubbles or drops

The oceans create the air we breathe. Every wave releases bubbles. Lungs heal best exposed to coastal air because it’s already salted.

Oxygen is manufactured from air not a constituent of air.

Oxygen is made by stripping it of water.

Medical oxygen has 67ppm of water contamination.

The lungs require air arriving at the alveoli to reach 100% humidity. That is dew point.

Can you see the mismatch?

Still think air is made of oxygen and nitrogen?

Find the volunteers who sat in a room filled with 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen and lived to tell their stories.

My third article: How does salt restriction lead to heart dis-ease and fear based reactionary thinking? I discuss the role of the adrenals and their recruitment via hyponatremia or dehydration (same same).

Oxygen is a manmade poison. It may have been the perfect murder weapon to use in plain sight. It’s toxicity is directly related to its power to dehydrate the lung mucosa and delicate alveoli.

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If you combine these adrenochrome effects with the psychological state of people who have already been raised in extremely abusive environments - torture, rape and ritual humiliation - and you have broken psyches already predisposed towards acting out, repetitively, the unconscious sources of their trauma. Add in wealth, power, and multigenerational cultish beliefs (that will always self-justify the cult mindset), and it starts to become understandable the global mess we're in now. These people have to be stopped, their cult exposed and destroyed forever - FULL EXPOSURE - or we will all go down to hell on this earth with them.

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Exactly why God has gifted and prepared so many for this specific timeframe.🙏🙏

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This explains the Hell On Earth they have planned for us, and exactly WHO 'THEY' ARE!

By @SpartaJustice on Thread Reader App https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1687208627696754689.html

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Can you see demons on that shit? Cause them mf are real. Why have some schizophrenics claim they have seen demons while in psychosis and some claim they feel like they have been possessed?

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Great article JuliansRum!

I wonder what effects would do with that kind of situation that It is difficult for me to talk about. Rumors of different type of qualities are there. Terrible how you lose completely empathy. "This people are sick" Q

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This is my first takeaway: “In fact, it seems to make them so comfortably detached that they become capable of unspeakable acts towards their fellow human beings.”

Based on a growing amount of information on adrenochrome, it’s apparently addictive and whether it is anti-aging or not, I don’t know and so many of the with/without pictures could be manipulated.

I’m trying to imagine people that have been taking this for long periods of time. How many of the elites have been using this themselves or using various clandestine programs to create ‘beings’ without a molecule of moral values? Based upon this scientist’s trip, one can extrapolate that this individual, if following orders of the handler, could be capable of extraordinary evil acts.

I am of the group of people who believes the CIA’s mind control programs are still alive and well, just rebranded. Is adrenochrome one of the ‘drugs’ used to completely separate the conscience from the body?

This is true evil. There truly would be no limits to what a being, totally detached from a conscience, would be capable of doing.

God bless you, JuliansRum for researching this.🙏🙏

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Now we can understand why they need places like Epstein Island to convene and carry out their unspeakable urges.

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That was a great, slightly new take on a complex issue. Thank you Rum!

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I remember the animated movie "Monster U" starring the voice talents of Billy Crystal and John Goodman.

I laughed and laughed, ignorant of what I found so funny. Always, Truth is the best disinfectant! I know once and for all that Hollywood is a putrid cesspool that houses the Demonic elite of Satan itself.

When you realize what these demons gleefully did to children, God's Heritage for their "High", it brings Righteous indignation against the entire lot.

I ask for God's forgiveness because I can't bring myself to pray for those involved in this heinous crimes against humanity. It's painful to know the Truth, but I rather not be ignorant. If one thing I am certain, there are meat hooks in Hell for Hitler and for these!

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There seems to be a parallel between adrenochrome and dimethyltryptamine: two endogenously created compounds with amazing explanatory abilities regarding mystical experiences. Some have even suggested they are the same thing, although they appear to have different chemical structures and origins in the body. Interesting nonetheless

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Oh, my gosh. This was very interesting, and very, very sad.

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The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a HOSPITAL.

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Interesting details on its effects mood & personality. . It’s making more sense now.

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